Title: or(d)em e progresso - Code: 9b469
Contest: Rio de Janeiro / 2013
By: giacomo_pala - chiara federico - greta scarzo - ilaria cazzato - luciano ragno - stefano stecchelli - carlo occhipinti

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or(d)em e progresso



OR(D)EM E PROGRESSO. A story that starts describing mankind and his status in the world, which will stand in our advanced but confused state of knowledge. This story is told with images and lyrics: it is not a graphic novel, nor a poem. PLOT: FIRST PICTURE: Our story begins in a distant future. It tells how Rio de Janeiro is destroyed by some climatic changes. Nature is moving back to the city and it’s starting to conquer the human-made environment. People can’t live in these circumstances because if “one touch of nature makes the whole world kin”, too much nature destroy human life. In the entire city there is only one safe place. In the distance, people can see in the mirror above the old panopticon that life inside the concrete building is growing more and more. Inside that decadent structure there is a new kind of city, a new kind of human society. What started as evil, the building, the prison for sick people, now is the only place to be safe. Only there people can find a shelter to survive. SECOND PICTURE: What is the panopticon?, why is this huge concrete construction there, near Christ? What is the big mirror above it?, why is it there? FLASHBACK: 2016: Politicians and bureaucrats wanted to clean the city, they wanted to show to the world the rich, shiny, polished and growing city. “Favelas” and the poor people inside them had to disappear. They decided to build a big panopticon under the Christ in which the “favelados” had to move. It was a strategic move, so that people in the panopitcon would have been visible for some other people around. Christ’s in the middle. It wasn’t enough: They wanted to keep an eye on them: they built above christ, above the panopticon a giant curved mirror so that “people outside can control what’s happening inside, in a god-like manner. Life in the panopicton showed its beauty, people inside the concrete block started to build a new vertical city in which a new kind of life for Brazil began . . . PROJECT DETAILS: Our panopticon is a huge circular concrete structure around the Christ and its mountain. It is divided in more than 1000 large sized cubicles in which the people from favelas have to live and where, in the end, they will find a new way of living, generating a chaotic dimension inside the rational and platonic spaces of the panopticon. From the outside it appears as a monolith. It was used to show the world the new political and social power of the country: for example, they used it to write and draw the Olympic symbol and broadcast slogans on it: a weird and sick version of the “Hollywood” sign in Los Angeles. Above the panopticon they built a giant curved mirror, in order that people from outside can control what’s happening inside the panopticon; so that, in the distant future, people can see that life, inside the protection of concrete walls, is growing, while people outside are being killed by the wilderness of nature.


Title: or(d)em e progresso

Time: 4 agosto 2013
Category: Rio de Janeiro
Views: 7559 Likes: 12

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