Title: Venice: water and land - Code: A5N2J6
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: T. Bagnoli / W. Ye / M. Tonelli

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Venice: water and land

Venice^² Water and land, a dichotomy that goes to Venice and its Lagoon since the dawn of time. A combination that, to a certain period of history, man has observed and helped in maintaining its natural balance, but since 1970, because of reckless decisions, put in serious crisis. The lagoon is a dynamic entity subject to change shape each season, to open in gulfs or not a few decades. The continental processes, generated by Alpine rivers that flow through their carry a large amount of sediment, are contrasted by the marine, identified by the sea currents generated by strong winds from the southeast.

The Venetians resolved to intervene on these natural dynamics in order to stabilize the Lagoon in the most convenient to the preservation, development and protection of Venice. The flow of the tides underwent significant changes in location, changes that still produce the famous “high water”.

Tidal flows, flows of movement, flows of people.

Flows: natural or artificial.

Venice ^2 was founded on the basis of a hypothetical path flows into and out of the historic Venice; points of I / O are represented by the platform of arrival traffic from the mainland and the old customs. As the mouths of the lagoon there, generating the paths, creating, meeting with the existing city, sinuous loops. The tracks are formed, and as a vascular system are distributed to reach all parts of the city. This is a gesture, the intention is different: the creation of a new Venice, raised from the water bill, a self organization’s body.

Venice^² develops life in “bubbles ” that act as containers of activity: housing, school, work and leisure. Spaces are supplied with natural light and air through openings in the form of suction cup that characterize the skin of the same.

The system is energetically self-sufficient through the arteries draws in seawater, as a result of the passage in turbines, ensuring the production of energy from sunlight and become a source of energy due to the presence of green in the bubbles, it generates a balanced cycle of oxygen production.

Venice^², utopia.



Title: Venice: water and land

Time: 7 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
Views: 3732 Likes: 0

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