Title: After Pacification - Code: b1a56
Contest: Rio de Janeiro / 2013
By: Silvia Adityavarna - Khattiya Hendarta - Sylvia Mei - Albertus Prawata - Margaret Jo

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Alejandro Zaera-Polo 9
Jeffrey Inaba 8
Jeroen Koolhaas 3
Hernan Diaz Alonso 1
Cristiano Toraldo di Francia 8
Pedro Rivera 5


After Pacification



Rio, as we know it, has long been hailed and worshipped by many as a paradise. A heavenly haven where time just stands still as Michael Franks put it. Beaches. White sands. Vivid dances. Golden rays of sunshine. Eternity. Despite all the festivities and laid-back glamour displayed, parts of the city are high-density clustered favelas, where lower class residents inhabit, enjoying the eternal paradise in their own way. Favelas, once considered scars this city had to endure, have gradually been shifting to tourists destination spots. The only thing is, favelas and the whole compound related are no more than objects to be observed upon. Tourists come and go merely to feed their curiosities about this anomaly found on the counterpart of the life they live in. Looking straight ahead from the feet of Christ The Redeemer, one might find the meticulous favela Santa Marta, lying like a concrete flower bed on Morro Dona Marta. Being the first favela to undergo the pacification program, Santa Marta has improved greatly in both physical and eco-social aspects. In 2063, favela Santa Marta is a self-sustained neighborhood. The so-called paradise outside is brought in, allowing residents to see and feel, both virtually and in reality. The urbanscape consists of two co-dependent layers. The lower layer is the preserved existing buildings. The layer above serves as an additional eco-social generator. Population grows further and takes up existing buildings mainly as residential area. The favela-balls draw more tourists, supported with transportation system and various entertainment facilities. Food supply relies on urban farming.


Title: After Pacification

Time: 4 agosto 2013
Category: Rio de Janeiro
Views: 3653 Likes: 3

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