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Contest: Venice / 2011
By: C. Sebastiao

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“The works of nature are to those art” Charles Darwin on …The origin of species… The exercise described on our proposal centers its approach on recent developments established on the work of evolutionary biology, a field of science which main concern is the inter-action between the space environment and evolutionary development. Therefore, it is the combination of urban theories from renaissance and urban utopian thinkers from industrial revolution that the project draws its conceptual approach of providing a structured and equilibrated urban art-fact inserted with harmony into the nature as the need for supporting life becomes paramount.  Therefore, to reshape Venice with the intent of proposing a futuristic and utopian city where the beauty of family life may occur throughout it is necessary to:

  1. Re-correct the balance between the wet and dry land by suggesting a transitional element through man made and natural sedimentation along the edges of the main inlands with the objective of creating a physical support structure for local fauna and flora growth through aquatic vegetations, shrubs and trees. The current deep lagoon situation is a result of removing natural sedimentation along the canals as a military strategy.
  2. Readjustment on the urban tissue by decreasing its density to the level of 1913s as by Karl Baedeker’s map. Rationalization of urban morphology by introducing a radial inter-connecting networking of open green public urban squares and circulation routes connecting the islands through a modern lightweight computer managed flexible tram system integrated with pedestrians routes inserted into the natural environment. Although suggesting a modern and advanced urban tissue, in terms of urban morphology this is in line with the urban history of Venice drawn from Leon Battista Alberti theories of radial cities. In terms of architecture typology, the introduction of high rise building responds to the need of technological and scientific advancement ideas based on renaissance humanist philosophy that provided Venice with a dynamic and multi cultural city where life was manifested by the bounding of different cultures.
  3. Urban Planning, the ideas of urban planning trough space management have a fundamental role on the life of a city therefore the proposal suggests that the central urban element for the city to be the Venice maternity localized along St Marks Pizza as this becomes a central feature from which all the city space is organized. The procreation act is powerful and impossible for humans to overcome its memories when connecting us with time and space through unexplained reactions, which brings us to the essential natural human condition, and this is what a city should reflect on its function. This combined with Venice culture of classical and opera music will create a perfect platform where mega celebration to life will happen and will open the path for deep transformation on the mechanisms and ideas of city planning more concerned with proving an integrated and environment sound city space catalytic of life.

The most important aspect on the proposal is to move from a city locked into its own success to a living green organism supporting diversity of life based on the universal ideas  of  being at a liberty of doing just what he/she pleases.



Title: Venice

Time: 7 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
Views: 3480 Likes: 1

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