Title: HOP___ horizons operating parallel - Code: H3C1S9
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: M. Leek, M. F. Agudelo Ganem, M. Nolte

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HOP___ horizons operating parallel


HOP___ horizons operating parallel “A space comes into being when you link vectors of direction, variables of speed, and the variability of time. Space is a mesh of moving elements. It is full of the entirety of movements, as it were, that manifest themselves in it. It is, then, a result of activities (…). It is performed as an act of a presence (or a time) and changed through the transformation that results from the successive contexts. Unlike the place, then, there is neither the unambiguity nor the stability of something “own”. Hence, as a whole, space is a place with which we do something”.

The Practice of Everyday Life by Michel de Certeau


Venice topography is constructed under the necessity of artificiality. The space fills and drains periodically. The skyline remains fix, the horizon displaces constantly.

Open space spreads over moving horizons. Open space appears and disappears over and under the horizon. Connectivity becomes critical.

HOP proposes a parallel open space system which climbs the skyline. It adds on a new type of topographical line with the ability to adjust the already existing topographical horizons. These horizons are not static but vary depending on spatial and temporal circumstances. The intersection of existing and new horizons generates continuity. These circumstances are determined by water as well as tourist fluctuation. HOP connects horizons: the dry open space, the dynamic water horizon of the channels and the Lagoon, and the roofs level with the new altana. The vertical connector consists in a box that offers additional living and working space. The horizontal elements attach to and interact with the existing system of (private) open space elements: the altana. They create a new system of places to linger and corridors to transit.

HOP taps alternative spatial resources; HOP as vision of parallel operating horizons aims to overlap physical and socio-cultural dimensions.

The concept considers three situations: 1_the fluctuating amount of dry open space, sometimes sufficient, sometimes overloaded (by tourists), sometimes flooded, 2_ the lack of living and working space for students that belong to the city’s identity but struggle with the impossibility of moving permanently into the island of Venice, 3_ the strong presence of tourists that loops along the year e.g. for the Biennale. The concept consists in four typologies: the vertical and horizontal elements are placed strategically near to campi that flood easily offering an alternative public open space; between buildings flying over the street connecting blocks from the top with new public altana; elevated from the floor but connecting with the stairs altana and public space at the lower level of the streets and fondamenta; connecting the altana with the channels.

The elements of the system are housing boxes, stairs, altana and bridges that through strategic concentration set up a route that connects the train station S. Lucia and the sites of the Biennale. Stairs, altanas and bridges are public open space; the boxes supply the lack of living and working space for the student’s community.

As global player Venice follows its course mainly in the sphere of global and neglects local affaires as potentials. HOP as a vision contemplates the scenario of rising social claims offering alternatives for socio-cultural diversity able to settle locally enriching everyday local life. But also HOP contemplates the critical Glocal scenario of increasing water level that may transform Venice in a submarine landscape. By the time it arrives (… or not), HOP will be able to build the core of a continuous system over the water surface with the Alps in the background.

Horizons hoping in Venice!


Title: HOP___ horizons operating parallel

Time: 7 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
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