Title: SIMULACRE - Code: Q7M2B1
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: M. Favennec / A. Begel

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« WATER TIME ? » //STATEMENT / SIMULACRE// Nowadays,  Venice  is  a  picture  of  herself.  She  becomes  as superficial as her copy of Las Vegas : to be a « simulacre ». She exists for tourists and per tourists. She forgot quotidian, her habitants and what made a city. As History, tourists continue the tradition of melting pot and movement. As we can see on smallest scale, Venice is a city of crossing: the feeling of the city is a labyrinth, which is constantly moving in the space and time. Venice is the place of the world creation show with biennials. Paradoxically, the city is frozen and she is a desert of creation. //FORM / RELIVING// We propose to assume the tourist effect as a tool to develop a local economy and to participate in the stimulation of the city. It reverses the “simulacre” statement as a true city by becoming a reliving city. In this way, Venice may find an economy and a quotidian in relation with tourism activity. Venice should become independent in a term of energy, food and activities (tourism production, services, city’s needs, creation space and daily using). We propose to use water space to install new architectures who is the only area without patrimonial rules. It can be the place of architectural freedom creation and possibilities.

For the moment, water space is just using as flux and we want to use it as a potential of space in the 4 dimensions (x,y,z and time). The concept of time is a strong feature of the city of Venice (compression and dilatation), which is reinforced by the changing nature of the intervention

It can be the opportunity to create another complexity in the city with new grid and movement variability, strengthening the labyrinthine spirit of the city.

In this city moving, we offer a place for adaptability and a space for expansion.


We proposed to use barges of different dimensions corresponding to the different using or programs, responding to the different scale, global and local development. They can take place in canal or in the Venice bay.

Those architectural objects cohabit with the boat flux and can move themselves. In the same time, they create new moving links between the different parts of the city, and participate to the labyrinthine spirit.

In the case of rising waters, this device of boats can survive: they will continue to operate. Morever, if Venise is submerged, they will be the Venise fantom, as a negatif.

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Time: 6 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
Views: 3705 Likes: 0

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