Title: Displacing Venice - Code: Q7B5S8
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: B. Ballok

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Displacing Venice

The ‘Displacing Venice’ project proposes to create a public space which can remain unencumbered by acqua alta. The system allows inhabitable areas to rise and consistently remain above high tide levels using displaced lagoon water as a mechanism for volume transfer. Global data feeds embedded drivers which transfer energy from photovoltaics to begin fluid metered volumetric displacement: 1. Real time data activates controls for each carvescape unit 2. Photovoltaics produce solar energy which engages fluid meter pump system 3. Fluid meter regulates lagoon water intake in hydraulic piston assembly 4. Hydrostatic chamber pressurizes and begins to advance piston and outer chamber upward 5. Real time data feeds fluid meter regulation and calculates volume displacement requirement 6. Volume displacement begins as solar energy engages air assist located under flexible PVC manifold 7. As manifold intake opens to allow calculated volume of water, air is slowly exhausted 8. Carvescape park remains above flood levels to produce a dynamic public habitat HYDROSTATIC DISPLACEMENT SYSTEM Displacement (Fluid) Mechanics: An object that sinks displaces an amount of fluid equal to the object’s volume. Thus buoyancy is expressed through Archimede’s Principle, which states that the weight of the object is reduced by its volume multiplied by the density of the fluid. If the weight of the object is less than its displaced quantity, the object floats; if more, it sinks. The amount of fluid displaced is directly related to its weight. ACQUA ALTA: 110cm | 43.3″ NORMAL TIDE WALL DESIGN: 150cm | 60″ DISPLACEMENT ALLOCATION: 45.7cm | 18″ TOTAL TIDE HEIGHT PROTECTION: 195.7cm | 78″ Normal tide flooding (Acqua Alta) is set at 110cm. Water levels are monitored with a fluid meter system which actuates during increased flooding, thus beginning hydrostatic displacement system operation. Lagoon water is admitted through inlet valves located within piles. A primary tank fills to proper levels and begins to feed pressurized hydrostatic chamber. This chamber allows lagoon water to raise hydraulic pistons according to required height. The carvescape park works as an independent system where each land mass is calculated and displaced as individual units.


Title: Displacing Venice

Time: 6 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
Views: 2783 Likes: 0

Tags: Acqua alta , Displacement (fluid) , Lagoon , PVC , Tide , Venice , Volume , Water Resources Research