Title: AMOEBA VENETIA - Code: K4X9W7
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: F. Comuzzo

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How can change the nature of the city of Venice in the coming decades? Theme with multiple complications, we are in Venice one of the most special and unique cities in the world that has refused repeatedly to accept change. Venice, the old city with a stream of tourists about 50.000/day, scares the people oppressed by the constant flow of people that make difficoult the acts of common life. We remember that in Venice the common means of transport are your legs that lead us through the streets, bridges and squares where time stands still more than 200 years ago. How to approach solving this question? Everything that came to mind bordering on utopia, but Venice was an utopia before it had been made, then the solution was clearly an utopia! Another thing was spinning in my head, a definition recently read in the Naturistic book, saying something like “change, transformation,” the amoeba feeds on substances dissolved in the liquid in which living organisms or by incorporating smaller ” .

At this point I was holding the starting point for developing the question, I would have served the amoeba to develop the utopian idea of saving Venice. The amoeba is a unicellular think, the shape varies, like a city where there is a center and from this hub of all the various surrounding neighborhoods. Inside it contains granules of various kinds, some stocks of nutrients (new green space), others are remnants of cellular metabolism (Old Venice tourist squares). Venice at this point has become the nutrient of the amoeba that in its interior offers a new city for residents. So the solution is this, a body which does not intervene directly on the old city, but simply divides the paths, I think they are a critical aspect of contemporary Venice.

This new city will be developed with green squares and a series of paths that resemble the calli of Venice, will connect the various residential areas and bring new people into the New Venice.

As a work of Gianfranco Meggiato, gives a new reality.




Time: 6 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
Views: 2678 Likes: 2

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