Title: Venezia – La bellezza eterna - Code: M7L2H1
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: Studio BÄNG + Sokar Uno

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Venezia – La bellezza eterna

Venezia la belezza eterna What is City? To answer this question is hardly possible, because each human being perceives its surrounding in another way. Our sentiments and doings define the city, which means we are the city. In any discussion about the renewal of Venice and sustainable solutions for the future, we do not have to think about the foundations of the city or unknown algae plantations in the water. We have to make ourselves aware, that each of our actions causes a reaction. If we go by boat through the canals, we provide a faster decay of the city. If we buy a drawing of a street artist, then we are the reason why he works at the same place tomorrow.

If we have lunch outside, then we are responsible for the fragrance on the promenade. We are changing the city each single day and it lives only by our use.  This fact has, since the existence of Venice defined its expression and will do so in the future. Some people are not talking about changing but destruction. That means, each laughter, each dance and each peaceful moment happening in Venice includes a bit of destruction for the city.

Three fundamental different solutions are shown by the allegory of City and Woman. Venice could be found in all of those scenarios.

The first example represents Marilyn Monroe. She died young in the blossom of her youth and beauty. This caused an absence of any memory showing her aging or loosing her perfection. In relation to Venice, it would mean the immediate destruction and banishment in the mind of those who were able to experience the city themselves. Nothing else than eyewitnesses and books could report about the old city died in perfection.

As a second example, Elizabeth Taylor was chosen. She tried to stop her natural process of aging by undergoing several plastic surgeries and transformed her appearance into a conserved lie. This scenario would mean the drying out of Venice and reducing the number of visitors to a minimum. Venice would be disinfected and be deprived of the possibility of any natural future development.

The last example is Brigitte Bardot. She was, like the both women mentioned above, well known for her iconic beauty. She accepted her natural decay in all consequences by showing the signs of time with dignity. For Venice, this would mean a more conscious and respectful contact with Venice by its inhabitants and visitors. We have to make clear that the status quo of Venice was formed by previous generations. Now it depends on us to prepare the Venice of our children and grandchildren.

We do not have to regret a changed Venice of tomorrow, if we perceive it deliberately and with all our senses today. We have to deal with the city deferential. Because we are the city, we are Venice.


Title: Venezia – La bellezza eterna

Time: 6 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
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