Title: LIFE IN VENEZIA - Code: M6T1A8
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: co+labo radovic

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Description an invitation for the Venetians | a draft strategy for bottom-up design of extraordinary spaces for ordinary and everyday activities in Venice the life in Venice, Der Tod in Venedig … yes, but, we seek la vita a Venezia all too often, calls to design for Venice, various initiatives (not unlike the Venice City Vision Architecture Competition) become exercises in designing more attractions for the visitors of Venice, for the hordes of tourists (which we all some fake Carnevale … “I was there”, “I  Venice” T shirts … ever more ideas for ever more tourists, to feed the mass (tourism); new packaging for a beautiful city to be consumed, to spice-up Coca Colonialism; designing (for) egos we refuse to partake in those games of overexcitement
this work celebrates ordinary,  everyday lives of Venetians …  le vite Veneziane, le vite vere

historically, Venice has seen it all, Venice has had it all; there always was, and there always will be place for tourism, for new exoticism, for plastic swinging gondolas (with their dancing ballerinas), for fake masks for some fake Carnevale, for “I was there” and “I  Venice” T shirts in Venice; Venice is a tourist Mecca, with millions of tourists coming there,  but, still Venice remains genuine it frames some normal lives, of some normal people; Venetians; Venice is a hub of a genuine, local urbanity an extraordinary example of continuity and resilience, resistance born of difference (‡ la Michel de Certeau)
Venice is alive – despite all of its deathly, world fame

we offer a design strategy for Venice for the Venetians ideas for Venice, a design invitation for Venetians, for those whose whole lives unfold there this project seeks beauty  the beauty of  everyday  | small   |   dense  |  intense   Venice in, for, of spaces with a living tradition of reuse  |   reinvention  |   requalificationz
an  urbanity  of perpetual  innovation   +  creative reinterpretationz this project calls for beginning of the process of conscious discovery of small spaces, small opportunities for everyday lives of Venetians, with hope to activate their own, unpretentious, bottom-up creativities, to produce quality which only local knowledge and sensibilities can imagine, create and – live; ours small design gestures are aimed to stimulate the Venetian lived space we hope to facilitate the emergence of a multitude of expressions of a rooted, Adriatic urbanity, admitting, ‡ la Perec, that “space is a doubt” and that “I have endlessly to mark it out, to designate it; it’s never mine. I have to conquer it.” our aim is to contribute to thinking about Venice
to emphasise quality and character of its everyday life  quality and character of everyday life, together with spatial expressions of unpretentious, ordinary activities, are going to be the ultimate measure of success or failure on the road towards sustainable development.



Time: 6 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
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