Title: Venice as dying city - Code: M3W1Z9
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: L. Colucci

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Venice as dying city

Our ancestors used to name Venice as dying city[...]. Desertification is the degradation of land in arid: in the early 21th century entire Mediterranean area was involved in this change. The place was called Venice change between wonderful city built on water and fascinating ruins suppressed by sand dunes. Water, masks, bridges, boats, canals and all over around became sand. Sand on water ever and ever to kill the Lagoon. The wonderful lagoon, known as one of the most touristic place in the world, marmalade for traveller flies, gradually degraded in dry land and actually is a peripheral part of the largest north Saharan desert. [...].

The life in Venice became difficult but not impossible, not biologically impossible: the lagoon as we knew it gradually disappeared and the choose was between stay or change our perspectives.

The sand looks like water: it moves, invades spaces, covers places; but it’s not the same invasion , not the same covering. The sand killed water and Lagoon, killed the images of our places.

To evolve into a desert was a new experience for all of us, something unexpected and exciting, but aquatic landscape was the past sure life. Sure were the people sensations, sure was the city knowledge fixed in centuries of repeating actions, sure were the habits recorded in deoxyribonucleic acids, sure the city maps impressed into people cells, sure was staying in buildings and suspended on water, sure the walking moves, sure musty smell on decaying walls. When last water expired in earth, people had different reactions: someone tried the new desertic experience, they wanted to be modern but just accepted casual change; most people ran away in northern places, they wanted not to be modern but just were afraid to evolve in changing place; at least a small group decided to stay in water, follow water in earth: we just followed soul voices and our souls were wet. We were known as heroic pioneers, but we just wanted to float in our floating city. [...].

We tried to search water ever and ever: the water fell down and we went down in water with new kind of arks. We decided to stay under the past and build a new place under the skin of old lagoon. We decided to stay near ancestral buildings. we decided to stay in a living grave, under the graves of our old dead.

Shafts and tunnels were easy to make, the technology of 21th century had no limits. The arks were built directly on water like a model impressed on old schemes taken from city archives.

Now we are in this suspended place: we have all kind of masks and multiple suns hole land with light: it seems a lagoon but it’s just an underground mine. We use to extract sensations, memories of the older Venice.


Title: Venice as dying city

Time: 6 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
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