Title: Global Methodology - Code: M2Q7T3
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: M. I. González Gaviria / J. M. Gómez Durán / G. E. Duque Quintero / Probetadeprobar

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Global Methodology

¿Who would think the globalization is a new phenomenon?
To only those that are used to live in the center of the antique imperial powers. To everyone else [us and you] from the periphery, the globalization is not a newness. From the periphery, from the antique colonies, history has never ceased to be globalization. “Telegram from nowhere” Mckenzie Wark.

The global methodology is our way to call diverse form to approach the city; understanding society in meanings of a critical and constructive way. Therefore this methodology seeks the conceptualization of city experiments, recognizing that every urban space is a place already experimented and experimental.

Being Venice or every other city with an intervention, the idea is to approach to the particularities of its space what we call in Spanish AND (Aditamentos De Navegación), NA (Navigation Attachments) which are key points that mark differences between cities. We access these particularities from the different global media, where space lose the physical barriers and become permeable elements, producers of whole lot of information. We are interested of understanding every context, away from our own reality, these particularities and take them into elements full of meaning and contradiction, being transformed and intervened as city’s experiment.

Taken this reality as a multiple perspective, then catalyze it into our fantasies; we are interested of recognizing fantasy full of problematic that transcend de local frontier into a more globalized facts. We are also interested of seeking the potential of this environment with elements unwelcomed to find, it’s qualities to dynamize them in new ways of approaches that re potentiate the characteristics. In this case, the problems are not understood as a denial of the realities, but as infinite fields of action, repetition, mutation, hybridization, dystopia (anti-utopia), utopia and fantasy.

The idea of this methodology is to take real position, overwhelming, diverse, strong, and determining with whole lot of character, on the urban realities from the social, economic, political, environmental, architectonic elements, and so on. Positions that led us to wake up and dream with a future in construction followed by the local conditions marked on a global context; where the multiple opportunities are implied to position the ideas that we have about the world, and the permanent idea of highlighting the identities of the critical points as space for action.

To us Venice is not viable to the global future. An idea overwhelming and real, because this city is home to different levels of maintaining and sustainability, since the beginning of the era of it major economical and cultural boom, to mid XIV. Thanks to this premise, the city converts into the perfect excuse to experiment the global methodology.

Be part of the idea of understanding that the city itself is a museum plus to the maintaining costs, the important developing of infrastructure against water and being one of the most expensive places to visit and live all over the world. It’s alleys and canals, edifications and monuments make this city itself (also) a tourism infrastructure, but a floating population that comes for a day, and makes it part of the city’s landscape.

To study Venice ADN and it’s more relevant and reiterative facts, from a distant context but immediate thanks to the network; we could conclude that the city being a heritage to the world has to be a museum to humanity, but also in actions of seeing the destruction of the city without intervening it. That’s how we came up with the idea of marking the city with the dome as an art show, being able to see the different cultural, touristic, economical, social, festive, productive manifestations that become self-supportive to the hybrid infrastructure on top of the geodesic dome getting behind of the idea of just making it. The dome not only contains a bunch of dynamizing elements (hotels). Which also contain the floating population (tourist), but it will connect Venice with the cities around it in the metropolitan area. Physically we want it to become a city of a closed cycle, but with the open configuration of a network. The dome also respects the city but in an overwhelming act we mark it and georeference it, its daily becoming keeps up track but its spoilage becomes a postal to the city’s image.

The intervention of this proposal is a territorial strategy that does not pretend to remain and focalize in the city of VENICE, but an hybrid action that wants to configure new global cartographies, where space highlights to investigate as experimental as a way to spatial approximation.


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Title: Global Methodology

Time: 6 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
Views: 3065 Likes: 3

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