Title: Ada Cambridge Venice - Code: N4D7H2
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: M. Chan / D. Huang / W. Wong

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Ada Cambridge Venice

Alone! Alone! No beacon, far or near! No chart, no compass, and no anchor stay! Ada Cambridge Venice, disguised under the mask of vibrancy and dynamics, has been left alone in the dark, distanced from the dry lands. Drowned, by the water and sadness from within. From the vanishing population to the fear of Venice turning into a themed park, things that are left behind include decaying architecture, stores filled with souvenirs yet lack of soul and senses and thousands of tourists who flooded the city daily. Only light and spirit of the true Venetians can carry her out from the dark to the present and the future, both of which Venice longs for.

The famous Grand Canal is flooded with lights and flashes from the tourists’ cameras, yet the countless “fondamenta” which connects the core and the surroundings are left with silence. A walk through these bridges and narrow pathways after dark provokes a sense of insecurity and sympathy, just as an unspeakable curfew is in order.

A series of beacon, like floating lanterns, as proposed by our team, pave the canal with light and hope, could well be able to bring Venice out from the dark.  Venice does not need awkward monolithic modern architecture to make a huge statement; the city in its own right proves the value to the past, the present and the future.  Thus these beacons highlight the quiescent beauty without invading the surroundings.

The series of beacon will be categorized, different functions glowing in different colors:

The green beacon of life – plants grow in a sustainable manner with the water surrounding it, topping up elements of life in the society. Groceries stores, markets for organic food, places where continuation of growth as the important element will be glowing in green.

The blue beacon of spirituality – center for creativity, where arts and cultural events are held; galleries, café, art stores, shops for the beautiful masks of Venice carnival, places where people with a touch of artistic senses could mingle will be shining in blue.

The purple beacon of joy and entertainment – community hall for recreational events, nurturing the communication and connection among local people; libraries, cinemas, Internet cafes and places to connect will be blazing in purple.

The orange beacon of warmth – homes for families to foster the young and care for the old; living spaces, interactive classrooms, nurseries, daycare centers and places to tender and to care will be gleaming in orange.


Title: Ada Cambridge Venice

Time: 6 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
Views: 2353 Likes: 1

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