Contest: Rio de Janeiro / 2013
By: Tiago Welter Martins - Sanja Milanov - Aleksandra Stepanovic - Andrej Zikic - Vladimir Vasic

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Alejandro Zaera-Polo 9
Jeffrey Inaba 5
Jeroen Koolhaas 7
Hernan Diaz Alonso 1
Cristiano Toraldo di Francia 8
Pedro Rivera 7





A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY: EARTH TODAY, THE “NEW WORLD” – YEAR 3013: Earth’s current Ice Ace is the result of a series of climate changes. These processes deeply affected human kind and changed the World as we knew it. Over the centuries, Earth’s climate was deeply altered, days grew shorter and temperatures dropped drastically. As a first consequence, social crisis all over the World made a once growing population start to decrease. “THE SPINE OF THE WORLD” PROJECT: Transportation on Earth changed after flying or navigating was made impossible due to the low temperatures, unpredictable snow storms and freezing of water surfaces. The communication lines and trade between continents were broken. Without appropriate infrastructure, the globalized planet was destined to suffer and become a cripple. As an extreme solution, “The Spine of the World” Project was born! With a high speed train lines running trough “The Spine”, trade between societies became once again possible. As the climate became deadly for living beings, “The Spine” also became a shelter for those chosen to survive. Similarly to Noah’s Ark, it was used as an incubator for the life that used to flourish on a warmer times’ Earth. Today connecting the 24 richest districts on the planet, “The Spine” became home for more than 80 million people and all different kinds of animal and plant species which could be saved. Among other districts in the network, such as Paris and Beijing, Rio was one of the first cities to offer the recreational services in this now hostile World. This was mainly due to its old tradition in tourism and gentle climate. RIO SKI RESORT: In the “Old World”, Rio was the most famous city of the extinct country of Brazil, and the most visited city in the Southern Hemisphere. By year 2050, just when climate started to change, the city had over 25 million people. That population is now ten times smaller, but Rio still has a leading role as top touristic destination. Once a paradise like environment, rich with sand beaches and blue sea, Rio now looks a bit different, but continues to carry on the title of “Wonderful City”! In order to adapt to the new climate and economy, Rio developed into one of the greatest and warmest skiing stations worldwide. Christ the Redeemer Statue is still a main landmark, leading the city’s great panorama for centuries. Ski vacationers roar in from all other districts seeking the unforgettable experience of being in a place that is still as vibrant as it was in ancient times. As all lifts and slopes are connected to “The Spine”, the main skiing station also scores in easy accessibility to a large slope network. Rio Ski Resort is especially famous for the Corcovado Slope, with Black and Red tracks coming down from the Christ the Redeemer Statute. Its view is an amazing panorama onto the frozen ocean and “The Spine”, here designed after the ancient “Lapa Arcs”.



Time: 4 agosto 2013
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