Title: Anemone City - Code: 333c0
Contest: Beijing / 2014
By: alessiopeadesign

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Greg Lynn 3
Ai Weiwei 4
Sou Fujimoto 3
Eric de Broches des Combes 4


Anemone City



The future expansion of the global city, meant as a megalopolis that has absorbed the urban areas and has transformed the peripheral ones into demographic intensification fields, has generated biologically modified forms of life. Factory pollution, a bad environmental management and an excessive electric consumption within the cities have led to extremely suffering life conditions. The excessive energy loss causes diseases and anti-hygienic conditions for the whole population. Environmental comfort is inadequate and the levels of toxicity in the air exceed every acceptable level. It is necessary to regenerate the city and its population. The regeneration process takes place through the use of advanced engineering technology, since the human DNA has been combined with animal DNA. The biologic specimen, provided with a complex genomic structure which is able to regulate its microRNA system just like some plants do, has been chosen in order to renew the human environment. Its intrinsic crossbreeding ability makes it a “genetic monster” due to its molecular combination. Sea anemone is the animal-vegetable species that regularises the sea bottom and re-establishes the vital functions of its ecosystem. This is the reason why we chose this noble form of life as an instrument of transformation, control and development of a new regeneration. The evolution of the species produces positive effects to the urban ecosystem: it is the birth of a new and advanced model of human regulation with environmental comfort improvements, which is able to normalize the evolutionary changes of the human beings that were formerly influenced by uncontrollable external factors. The concept of the Anemone City’s web finds its development in the intense infrastructural links that organize the open space planning. All the zones of the city can be reached in an efficient way; there are vertical buildings that recall the formal structure of the anemone – hybrid cylindrical body with semi-transparent lucid walls, and internal framework. This future type of skyscrapers allows a better management of the power consumption made by city and its inhabitants. They serve as downright power plants, monitoring plants, and vital/natural functions commerce facilities. All the towers are linked one another by a complex and continuously mutating web system. The exchange of data and informations on the global city’s conditions allows a constant environmental sustainability and a better socio-cultural development for the population. Now the human beings are able to develop and consume in an autonomous way the energetic resources they need without polluting the world they live in.


Title: Anemone City

Time: 29 settembre 2014
Category: Beijing
Views: 21736 Likes: 0

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