Title: Venice Hyperreal - Code: 4XZ7Y3
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: M. Magrassi / I. Solano Doncel / E. Kolovou

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Venice Hyperreal


The specific location of Venice has created the necessity to visualize many possibilities of intervention for the ecological management and protection towards the lagoon and the city. It is necessary to understand that the city is carried to the cultural and physical extremes, people are demanding it   characteristics did not initially conceived, in that way it seems today and imaginary of it was and not of it is.

Venezia is the end of an imaginary of other golden times and a history transformed and counted for others, it is partial history. So culturally,  a barrier exists and is only part of that great history.

Venezia is at the extreme of the landscape consumed and produced by the man.

Venice Hyperreal is the result of the maximization of these factors, the extreme care  of the water management and the paradigm in extreme of the culture in the ancient city.

Venice Hyperreal wants to show to a critical analysis towards those two factors carrying It at the extreme,  showing situations that could be the visualization of a city protected and sold like a product, diverse to their cultural history.

Venice Hyperreal is a deep reflection towards the construction of a city consumed by the man in a natural landscape,  so this Venice  is an extreme of the creation of contemporary landscape.

The territory is a result of mega-strategies to save the city, arriving at the maximum care of the city until its hydraulic detail, the purification, treatment and water management for the tourist.

“Venezia, a city that is constructed on the pure water in the middle of the sea ….. Venezia the city that is living on its own action-destruction. ”

Venice re-creates once again, now like the paradise of water management  for the visitor within its own logic of old palace and contemporary space where the flooded channels is going to be a reinterpreted metaphor of circulation over pure water with the maximum details under a new perspective of geometric and technological construction, this time under the levels of the city formerly known.

Venezia grows for down.

In this sense, is a Multiple Activation overlapping networks and dynamic coalitions of landscapes to form an empty space crossed by the reinterpretation of the channels and great structures of the present and new constructions.

The coalition of new spaces determine the proportions by this new infrastructure supports the necessities that this Old city required and that is replaced now by the new constructions, empty spaces and infrastructure conjunctions of mobility and leisure.

Venice recreates under conditions of vertical growth, downwards, towards its channels of emptiness that are new conditions of “drosscape” 1

On the other hand, the landscapes which are ecological of the lagoon are going to be treated by barriers at territorial level and local level, the water management is going to be a diverse levels and designs.

Protections of the lagoon are made in the outer part, and in ring form the diverse treatments of  water purification is happening, finally to create one circle of  water purification where Venice is located, only will be supplied of pure water, the maximization of the water magement.

Understanding that the channels of venezia under are saturated movements, little marine and ecological life, takes like new paradigms of movement the treated water, the pure water, re-creating circles of pure water channels raising and lowering, happening over the buildings, in all side the tourist go inside at the diverse levels of the city.

So, Venice is the paradigm of the hyperreality 2,of that fanaticism by the tourism and the creation of landscapes created single for them, landscapes that they initiated in century XX creating artificial lives in cartoons, some of them passed to the reality creating imaginary worlds or cities of the consumption, cities illusion, simulated.

Venice is a new hyperreality where the concept of protected ecological city and organized hydraulic treatment is introduced, creating a strong contradiction with natural and ecological management, the city is a reality through intermediaries, a world created for the benefit Venice recreates under conditions of vertical growth, downwards, towards its channels of emptiness that are new conditions of “drosscape” 1

, technological and ecological imaginary joy. Venice Hyperreal

1 The term drosscape implies that dross or waste, is scraped or resurfaced/ reinscribed, by new human intentions. Moreover, the ideas of dross and scape have individual intentions.  Alan Berger, “Drosscape”

2 “the world in that we lived has been replaced by a copied world, where we nothing else looked for that stimuli simulated” – in reference to the hyperreality, Jean Baudrillard, Simulacra and Simulation



Title: Venice Hyperreal

Time: 7 giugno 2011
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