Contest: Venice / 2011
By: S. D. Gysel / M. Stoll / S. P. Roesti / M. Hegg

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VENICE NEXT LEVEL Report Situation Venice is struggling with the human caused pollution of it’s lagoon. The quality of living is dramatically decreasing. Interactions in the ecological system are becoming a huge problem for the sensible network of nature and city. Almost every year, a raising number of floods (aqua alta) can be witnessed. The city is facing it’s decline.



Finding a symbiosis between nature and city is the only way for a positive development.

The basis of the city, the lagoon, therefore needs to be used sustainably and protected from the human made pollution. Instead of being a thread, humans should rather be a positive factor to their surrounding.


Vision “Venice Next Level”

Pure Water in venice and a sustainable treatment of the lagoon.



Since the goal is that this vision should become reality as fast as possible, the game “Venice Next Level” is launched. The game bases on the idea, that the products of the label “Venice Next Level” whom are consumed or used by the tourists while they are visiting venice, can be either recycled or transformed into energy. The tourists will be able to gain points, while consuming products of the label and automatically takes part in the challenge of a ranking, that prepares special offers for the tourists with a high-score.


This is how the game is launched and the vision becomes reality:


1. create label

“Venice Next Level” is a label that is in a first step developed for tourists on a one-day-trip. Every participant receives a “Venice Bonus Card” at the start of the visit and collects points in favor of nature. The points are scored when the products of the label are thrown away correctly.


2. produce sustainable products

Since the used products of the label are recycled and transformed into energy, they need to be designed that way. In the field of food and beverage, cosmetics, print-media and souvenirs the used materials fit into the concept of the label.


The development and the production of these products is creating new jobs in the sectors of science, development and production. The system gains a win-win situation and shows to the chemical industry near by, that sustainability is not only about saving the planet, but having a profitable business with a long term perspective. Interesting and future orientated jobs are created for the younger venetian generation and step by step the pollution will be extinct.


3. waste to energy

Sewage and thrash are collected and transformed into energy. Within this transformation system, new jobs are created for the region, that is becoming a prime example for sustainability and research.


4. use of clean energy

The energy that is produced through the closed loop of the label is used to run the boats for the public transport in venice and the production of the products of the label. The boats are a part of the system and help to clean the water of the lagoon by filtering the water.



By transforming the system of venice step by step, the ecological balance is increasing. Through “Venice Next Level” the tourists that used to pollute the city are becoming the impulse of it’s regeneration. The city benefits on one hand from the new, future orientated jobs and on the other hand, last but not least, from a regenerated nature. Venice did save with “Venice Next Level” it’s most important basis which is the lagoon. Venice is saved!



Time: 7 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
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