Title: Venice - Code: P8H3E7
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: A. Di Prisco

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Rising sea levels caused by global warming could lead to a complex future for Venice Some climatological studies provide more frequent floods, almost daily. Probably thinking only to protect the city with artificial banks is inadequate to seriously limit the level of high water, we must start thinking of something else.

In the vision, Venice is almost completely flooded by water, but not abandoned to its fate.

Along with it, a new Venice comes out, a submerged and virtuous city.

The water flooded the entire area, but this is not a limit for human settlement, rather than an opportunity to build a cluster of sub-structures, some submerged, some floating, able to resist and allow life even in the depths.

The technology is no longer needed to design systems of containment and protection from the water, but ways to produce renewable energy.

From currents of water of the lagoon they draw energy, above the sea level, on the top of floating structures, the sun and the wind are transformed into energy through solar panels and wind turbines.

Rainwater is collected in tanks and replaced with clean water.

And although the project is an explicit reference to the Futurism, the intention is not “uccidere il chiaro di luna” (to kill the moonlight), it’s not to forget the existing architecture, but integrate past and present.

The perspective of Tullio Crali, that in “incuneandosi nell’abitato” proposed a vertigo effect, with the view from a rider on skyscrapers, has been turned upside down.

From the sky to the abyss, but the architecture does not stop to focus itself.

The Venice of the past remains wrapped in the water, but retains its charm and becomes a new underwater attraction, an underwater museum that can be visited.

The Crali’s airplane turns, it becomes the privileged point of view of those who visit the underwater city through an underwater vehicle, who enters through “le calli” of a new eternal city.



Title: Venice

Time: 6 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
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