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Contest: Beijing / 2014
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0-report (hybrid sapience era)



On July 2, 2014, human beings started to develop a ‘tentacle’ that grew from a planted biological chip under the human skin tissue. This effort initiated for countermeasures of radical changes in Beijing, China; desertification, air pollution and water shortages. The ‘tentacle’ was developed to cope with those radical environmental changes. Researchers did not fully open the classified information of what kind of outcome they were looking for. But they announced an optimistic view that it will be a ‘Zero’ point of future origin of humankind to survive in the changed environment. They said, “There is no more boundaries among the human, technology and architecture in the near future; new ecological succession.” Today, October 5, 2064, Chinese researchers address a result of second and third step of ‘Zero’ project. The second phase represents to transplant a grown ‘tentacle’ from human skin to architecture building skin. From the first phase, the ‘tentacle’ equipped three different function of nerve roots; generation(electricity), absorption(water) and purification(air). This project aimed to establish a form of ‘Synecology city’ that makes the quality and capacity of the future city better than individualism which primarily appeared on Homo Sapience civilization. According to the research result, each human can raise one ‘tentacle’, but it is not enough amount of resolution if human behave to individualize. The third phase achieves the concept of ‘Synecology’ to the new future environment. It is the process to transplant and connect between human nature and architecture technology. Researchers attempted innumerable times to figure out to transplant the ‘tentacle’ to architecture skin that forms larger boundary of new living environment. Executive project manager said, “Zero project faced with fourth phase, and now it remains to evolve itself to generate new type of ecological system for human and nature. When the ‘tentacle’ transplant from each human to architecture, people can exert the sovereignty and settle down in that borough. The building collects the ‘tentacle’ and assumes the role as ‘huge shelter’ for new civilization, and the shelter redefines the range of living territory. As they mentioned, the ‘tentacle’ represents by generation, absorption and purification. The transplanted ‘tentacle’ is linked with a wind vibrating power generator at the building skin, and its nerve line is connected to designed building electricity system to collect to central storage facilities for supporting borough living. Also, the ‘tentacle’, through its sponge like skin structure, absorbs and collects water(moisture) from the air. Collected water provides stable living quality for creature, and it allows nature grow up under the shelter. Researchers expect it will stop, protect and recover the far surpassed desertification. In addition, as we know from the past, Beijing was overwhelmed by air pollution and smog, and it brought the result of extinction of Oxygen content in the air. The ‘tentacle’ works as an air purifier filter that supplies cleaned air to the borough inhabitant to the world. Morphologic construction of this city or village appears centralized synecology society for each shelter. And each shelter is connected with super infrastructure and public facilities that people can share and trade resources. The connected infrastructure system works as a transfer and balance platform for inhabitants and nature. The ‘tentacle’ illuminates and redefines the territory of a newly adapted civilization in dialog with the continuous effort from the changed previous state of the environment. The ‘tentacle’ shelter operates to support the creatures of Beijing and connects to other nations and the next civilization.

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Title: 0-report (hybrid sapience era)

Time: 29 settembre 2014
Category: Beijing
Views: 2636 Likes: 5

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