Title: R_Evolution - Code: 55b10
Contest: Beijing / 2014
By: Annamarcassoli

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Greg Lynn 4
Ai Weiwei 6
Sou Fujimoto 3
Eric de Broches des Combes 3





The continuous development of technologies is a process that we can not stop anymore the only possibility we have is to deal with it and take the best from it. The main behavior that humans have to treat the machines just as servants will bring at one point to a real fight in between the two species in which the world as we know it now will be completely destroyed. This dystopian prevision is the result of the uncontrolled rise of technology in which ecological disaster and advances in technologies do not go in parallel with the development of the society in terms of humanity, maturity and intellectual freedom. On the opposite of this semi-apocalyptic vision there will be the real evolution of the man. Humans will start replacing their organs with mechanical ones even if this will bring to the problem of longevity: they will suffer of memory loss, personality change and mental instability. Fortunately on the other side robots will stop to be seen just as laborers or mechanical servants and they will start to substitute some of their mechanical components with humans one generated in laboratories like a nervous system. In this way robots will start having sentient characteristics such creativity, emotion and self-awareness. The two evolutions of human and robots will find a climax in their hybridization generation a perfect creature in terms of efficiency but also intellectually and socially. This new specie will be able to reconstruct the world we know underground without the need to force too much the development of technology. This will be use just for necessary things like spacecraft used to move on other planets or the possibility to generate system that allow living in the underground without light and air. Following the idea of Bersabea in the ‘Invisible cities’ of Italo Calvino what appears shiny and full of light is in reality a town characterized by the chaos and the disorder. On the other way in the dark underground there will be a rise of real utopic cities in which hybrid creatures will be able to find a real balance in between regression and evolution giving them both a new meaning, a R_Evolution.


Title: R_Evolution

Time: 29 settembre 2014
Category: Beijing
Views: 1719 Likes: 1

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