Title: SHIRT - Code: 00194
Contest: Rome / 2010
By: A. Faoro / F. Rizzetto

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The park is the urban forest encompassing and reorganizing open space , it is a “shirt “   that cuts out the urban and at the same time strengthens the idea of fragmentation within the system.

Within it are distributed services, public facilities, with  small items, visible and representing a new urbanity.

The foreste reorganize sexisting  the great vegetation assets and popoluate the area with native species, it consists of rows which become sequential chain of organic matter which have the qualities of vegetative metropolitan land and tree becomes a crypto-pixel system. A new scale to measure space.

The new planting is a land art project that starts from the thought of Joseph Beuys in Kassel in 1982 organized and inspired also by law, by Law No. 29 Jan. 1993 113, which requires any government to be planted one tree for every child within twelve months from the birth registration.

An adult tree can filter in one year about 20 kg of carbon dioxide.

400 trees can filter in a day 22 kg of carbon dioxide.

The park becomes a system to filter pollution. It is therefore a great air purifier

A project becomes a sustainable in two ways from both economic and ecological

The architecture in the park reveat it self  in fragments going to organize new linear systems.

Along the tracks of the Roman aqueduct is thought reorganized a new system, a huge structure that heirs aqueduct functional traits.

Each element within the park plays its role in a negotiated isolation or atomization

The blades, designed within these empty green, move vertically on a double register rendering  the horizontal complexity of the city, however paying attention ato an ecolgoical  thinking, which provides non-massive infrastructures of the territory, but by focusing development in vertical.

Adding a different system of living in Rome.

The vertical system ofRomehas never had skyscrapers,, the corviale  is a system of skycrapers that works horziantally

The architecture of the system reconstructs nature left horizontal while the growth of the city grows vertically

The architecture makes the space more usable for both local people and tourism, so the park promotes a city that lives, that engulfs the tourism and hybridize the space.


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Title: SHIRT

Time: 16 marzo 2010
Category: Rome
Views: 1900 Likes: 0

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