Title: CATERPILLAR - Code: A7H4X8
Contest: PFFF / 2012
By: T. Herzig

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The „caterpillar” pavilion consists of an assembly-kit of airtight high-frequency welded modules. Therefore many different types of building can be made for different applications and different places.

The geometry of the standard module is clipped sphere. Which can be connected with other standard modules and the “head”-module and end module via nylon zippers as well. The inner structure consists of cylindrical inside panels, which easily can adapt for any double curved surface

The door wings and window panels also are pneumatic.

Each module is compact in size, so it can still be carried by hand, and transported in a small van.

If one module is badly damaged, merely the affected module needs to be replaced but the rest remains operational.

Material: These modules could be made of PVC, but TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is much better, since it is more durable, resistant to the cold, more environmentally friendly, and the welding joints are more reliable. Small air leaks can easily be repaired by glueing another small panel of TPU over the hole.

Unlike sewn tarpaulin TPU film is available in a transparent finish and can be high-frequency welded in a 100% airtight manner. Therefore no permanent air supply is required.

The airtight structure provides good heat insulation. With normal single-layered surface ( 2 layers of foil, one air-chamber) the U-Value is 2,9W/m2k. With double-layered surface (4 layers of foil, 3air-chambers – from inside to outside) it is 1,4W/m2k

Standard thread valves and flexible tubes connect the airstream from one module to the other.

All module are assembled in deflated condition an will be inflated by one electric blower. The blower remains connected but only will operate if the air pressure drops below the required level. This process is controlled automatically by an adjustable pressure switch.

The transparency of TPU gives the pavilion a dematerialized appearance and the transmissions refraction, and reflection of (projected) coloured light make the pavilion “glow” at night time.

To avoid over heating in summertime the surface can be imprinted with a reflective silver dot pattern.

For wind anchoring some parts of the construction can be filled with water. Alternatively the pavilion is equipped with ropeholders , so ropes can be spanned to any other ballast or earth anchors.

The technical concept of airtight inflatable modular buildings made of TPU still is unusual but already is in practical use for some years and has proved to be reliable.

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