Title: Venice Queen - Code: K6G2V5
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: V. Lojo / G. Zurovac

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Venice Queen



VENICE QUEEN For centuries there was only one way to tell the story of Venice- a tale of a poetic structure, always the same despite constant changes, a magical city arising from the ocean, beautiful and ugly in its defiance to time. A story as wonderful as this one deserves many more telling, but now maybe with a new chapter. Carefully written.

Intervening in a structure as defined and independent as the city of Venice not only precludes any massive and rigid moves, but also at the very beginning implies an upgrade via extension. In this process the existing structure remains intact, and is only a subject to reinterpretation; it is no longer a city, but a city centre- a magnetosphere. As a fixed point in space it radiates a positive charge into its surroundings. The only restriction for the extension lies in its imposed polarity- defined is now overrated. Venice is anywhere it wants to be.

Subject to magnetosphere’s gravity comprises of floating particles (60×60 meters) with different functions; combining residential, recreational, cultural or any other type of unit results with a polyvalent hybrid structure, still old Venice-oriented.

Water as one of the primary codes in the Venetian urban print is transmitted to the new setup with a new purpose; it evolves from street to block, and further into a modern suburbia. New urbanity adopts fluency of water and is mutable, but never stops gravitating towards old Venice as its true center. Mini-centers arise where and when needed, by grouping master units into any form desired.

But the role of water does not stop there; ‘water gives life’ translated into Venice print results with units completely sustainable in terms of power supplies, given that they use ocean water and solar power as an energy source.

And the story continues. In this chapter the stage was simply expanded, and will now host new, different characters, with their own stories to tell. We can’t wait to hear them.


Title: Venice Queen

Time: 6 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
Views: 2699 Likes: 0

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