Title: 3 Dimensional Wooden Urban Scale - Code: J8U6A1
Contest: NY / 2012
By: Fukuchi Yusuke - Ono Mai - UchidaA Kauzya - Itou Aya

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3 Dimensional Wooden Urban Scale


3-dimentional wooden Urban-scape ¦Summary The aim of this proposal is to create a 3-dimentional network of both human beings and urban environment in NYC, where the buildings and ground are separated because of the historical urban strategy called GRID SYSTEM. This is an architectural intervention by using “3-DIMENTIONAL WOODEN GRID”, which makes the most of existing urban structure and attempts to create the image of “future city that imbued with history”. ¦Background In 1811, the government of NYC enacted the “GRID SYSTEM” that has permanently realized the concept of “vertical growth” and “open space on the ground”. It is an attractive outline of NYC toward future. On the other hand, it also restricts the further growth of City structure. And then, at the present time, the ground and skyscrapers are completely separated. There is no way to figure out what is happening inside those buildings unless they are similar to the ground level. Can we overturn this situation to a new network by the architectural intervention?


We insert the system of “3-DIMENTIONAL WOODEN GRID” multi-directionally in skyscrapers in NYC and create the unprecedented network of human beings and urban environment. “3-DIMENTIONAL WOODEN GRID” takes off the opaque skins of the existing buildings and connects adjacent buildings. That operation helps people to observe the inner parts of buildings and to create new relationships among the isolated buildings.

1. 3-dimentional network promotes the social communication.

“3-DIMENTIONAL WOODEN GRID”, which consist of “Modular”, gives “human scale” to the scale out Skyscraper, create voids penetrating spirally into buildings, and connect isolated buildings as a bridge as well. That enables people not only to climb the Skyscraper directly from the ground to the top, but also to communicate through out building layer and adjacent buildings. Furthermore, several function such as commercial, offices, and housing might be mixed and that cause people having multi-work life balance.

2. 3-dimentional network promotes the development of metabolism in NY.

“3-DIMENTIONAL WOODEN GRID” can also replace the buildings’ facilities, which are difficult to renew. The Voids provide natural ventilation while the Bridges provide heat exchange system. In addition, the unit of “WOODEN GRID” is interchangeable, which means that people can easily do an enlargement of a building. In other words, it generates sustainable urban-scape.


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Title: 3 Dimensional Wooden Urban Scale

Time: 13 giugno 2012
Category: NY
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