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Contest: Venice / 2011
By: D. Han / J. Ko / J. Lee / W. Yu

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Wed / Aug / 2nd / 2050 / clean


Wed / Aug / 2nd / 2050 / clean I came back to Venice in 15 years. 15 years ago, I came to Venice to see the last appearance of Venice. It was very complicated at that time. I was dizzy because of the people. Maybe Venice residents felt the same. As sea levels rise and the ground of Venice sink, Venice residents have to prepare plans for a move. That is why they drove a stake into the ground again. When I came back to Venice, it had changed a lot. Venice of the past was flooded and six towers were built there. I went to transfer zone to go to St. Marco tower. Six towers are connected by transfer zone and peoples are used to tram. Some tourists used to ship for feel nostalgia.

I arrived at ST. Marco cathedral on top of ST. Marco tower. It was like a park by surrounded trees. Buildings were moved to the tower before disappearing into the water. Also, attractions, accommodation, restaurants and shopping centers are around the transfer zone. So people are moving around the transfer zone. Therefore area is split between tourists and residents.

It is beneficial to all. The street is much more slack and peaceful.

I bought a simple lunch on newsstands and visited the spacious park in the tower. There were many people enjoying the sun. I sat under the shade of tree and had lunch. Venice of old was hard to see the wide green park. But now, Venice has wide site and fresh water has become rich by fresh water system in core of towers. Venice residents do not need to collect rainwater and use well. Also towers are possible to tidal power, wind power.

Venice, where most of the energy produced is used as energy.

The scene that exact opposite of past scene polluted due to sewage and water transportation.

Venice was a lot of changes.

City’s shape, Theirs Transportation , Lifestyle, and expressions of everybody in here was change. They are no longer interfered by tourists. And they don’t need to worry about Venice sinking. I feel peace, happiness in theirs face

Although many things change, passion of Venice residents, the color of Venice, and scent was never changed and remained.



Title: Wed / Aug / 2nd / 2050 / clean

Time: 6 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
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