Title: VENEZIA - Code: X7T3S8
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: K. Kyoung-Ho / G. Baldanchoijil

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Intro – Venice is like a theater where you can be a protagonist on the background of water city. The endless flow of tourists has been a vital dimension of Venice. It has two aspects to make her alive or make her dead. To maintain the current appearance of Venice and strive for future, it needs to be balanced that Venetian and tourists play main character together. We try to propose a masquerade space by using piles not infringing the famous and old stage of Venice.

Pile – Pile was the most basic factor to make Venice. Venice complete it`s foundation, as embed piles on the mud and laid upon a stone. These Piles, rather than just support the land, as many functions in Venice would be to support a stakes will be. The pile is the vital factor to create Venice.

During the daytime, piles purify the water and during the night, emit light and overlap with face of Venice just like resembling its masquerade. The light from stepping pile and the images on the screen piles will attract the tourists who were in the deep part of the Venice, around the famous landmarks such as Grand Canal. It helps to mitigate overcrowded streets in order to balance the City.

Two kinds of piles are considered to purify the dirty water around Venice. The sediment will purified and stored in the tank to be later utilized as fertilizer for the greens spaces in Venice.

Pile Location – The special piles will replace the location of existing pile without harming its present form. Two kinds of piles- Screen pile and Stepping pile are embedded. Stepping pile will be distributed to spot where flood tide is high enabling walkers to walk over them. The pair of screen piles are embedded in front of the bridge to create water screen.

Stepping pile function – When the flood occurs, the stepping piles emits lights to represents the level of the water and perform the role of stepping stone. The pressure of walkers on the stepping pile is used for purifying water in Venice. The pump is located inside the pile.

Screen pile Function – By creating water screen through a pair of pile, it will attract the people over the bridge.  The bridge is not only used as a route but also used a Meeting Point or standing audience. In addition to water to make the screen, turning the turbines to pumping water from the lifts. In this case, eject the water through the filter, will  meet and include more oxygen

Floating platform – A removable platform is installed between the piles with equal spans so that it sustains through small holes. Depending on the external part of the screen pile and the stepping pile, such as the size of circular holes, any-sized platform can be installed and walkers can experience the space as they want. Connected to the platform, the pump inside the stepping pile move instantly and generate electricity out of the constant move which stimulates lights on top of stepping piles.


Grenerating Electicity – Each perforated circle hole of external cover of the pile, is installed with a small fan. The purified water is drained up and hit the small fans to make rotation to produce electricity.




Time: 6 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
Views: 3708 Likes: 0

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