Title: CURE NY+ - Code: A9P5T8
Contest: NY / 2012
By: V. Andjelkovic - D. Adžemovic Andjelkovic - A. Bogojevic - R. Pavlovic

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 The time in city slips away, the life style in urban areas is frenetic and routinary and people have lost their capacity to enjoy the small details of life. In the city, the important thing is not only space but the interior of that space and the horizon located inside the interior. The concept of  „labyrinthian clarity” is descriptive of urban situacions. This “CURE” clarity softens the boundaries of space and time and faciliates casual encounters, relationships and conventions. “CURE NY+” is the power of the union between the center of the city and the form of social relationships established between its inhabitants and nature. City of the future means a new concept of social interaction and is based more on thinking about the future and how to improve the capacity of existing urban and social relations. “CURE NY+” involves the growth of existing city blocks vertically, freeing the ground and creating public spaces for all user groups. The use of natural resources by transforming city districts into local power stations of renewable energy sources is key field for the development of future city. Green roofs including solar PV, mini-hydro energy and other new technologies, provide a safe playing for children and young people protected from the impact of the “street”.

The future of social housing means the humanization of the poorest parts of the city-the introduction of green spaces and rooftops, parks, playgrounds for children, cultural institutions, national galleries, local restaurants. The new concept involves the revitalization of housing quality forms of interpersonal relations, controlled growth of the central city functions, and humane living conditions, with emphasis on natural materials and energy sources by using new building technologies- integrated PV, urban wind turbines, micro CHP and solar cooling. The use of natural resources means the use of water power, the formation energy stations on the water, aquatic ecological intensification of traffic and ongoing social and cultural gatherings on the banks of New York.

Mandatory part of every part of the city becomes a “vertical garden“- a multifunctional building whose green facade purifies the air in the city, contains centers for ecological research that directly applies to any area, mandatory gardens on each floor, “environmental advertising“- made of flowers and greenery with solar cells built that night broadcast advertising contents; with the intent of the purpose of these buildings constantly reviewed, updated and adapted environmental and social conditions. Ecological filters-vertical gardens; freeing the ground and creating public spaces for all user groups; the upper neighborhoods that generate social and neighborly relations and help young children feel in belonging to a group; new principles of social housing; revitalization of the city’s docks, which will become centers for education; ecological billboards and environmentally altered opinion of an individual on the conservation of natural resources and high-quality forms of urban life, are the “CURE” for the city future. New York city has been described as the cultural capital of the world, but it is essential to our future to become the foundation of healthy and better environment for every person.



Title: CURE NY+

Time: 13 giugno 2012
Category: NY
Views: 2720 Likes: 0

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