Title: NY 2050? - Code: W4G7Q1
Contest: NY / 2012
By: H. Randrianarison - C. Rochambeau

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NY 2050?

At the beginning of the 21st century, New-York symbolizes the row model of cities in the United-States, across its business districts, the richness of its culture (legacy of its melting pot), the density of its urban fabric as the skyscrapers shows and the meshing of its communications lines…But how will New York provide to the future needs of its growing population? And what image will convey its ideas of renewal? In that purpose, the project focuses its response, taking as starting points, three issues of the city of today and tomorrow:

1. The search for renewable energy

Like all cities of the world, New York led its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the future use of electrical technologies, increased public transport…

2. treatment of organic or vegetable waste

Over time, New York has produced a tremendous amount of waste that ultimately represents a very expensive and difficult challenge for the city. However, treating these wastes may be a factor in the wealth for the city, and installation of many factories to recycle waste appears to be an asset in terms of potential energy sources and development of the city.

3. Production of some of this food needs

Today, finding fruits and vegetables appears to be an expedition in several areas of the city. How to solve this problem for years to come?

The basic tool of the project is the resonance of these three major goals of the city.

In response, the program offers integration of these objectives, to be environmentally friendly and at multi-scale of establishment throughout New York’s territory.

In order to support the consumption of the city,”green batteries” are established and multiplied in the urban fabric,to decentralize major production areas in the future city.The insertion of this new infrastructure will located across the town or as transplant units on existing buildings.

These ecological Batteries will be benchmarks and indicators of well being in the urban landscape of New York.They will also play the role of Green Lungs in the city.They will provide the population with points agricultural spots, production areas of new energy sources for the city (district heating, electricity). These new green and ecological infrastructures will be interconnected in between them and also with existing green spaces of the city in order to promote multiple corridors of animal and vegetal biodiversity in the urban fabric. The superposition of these approaches addresses a specific purpose: to educate future New York citizens to master some of their consumption.








Title: NY 2050?

Time: 13 giugno 2012
Category: NY
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