Title: The City as a Dream within a Dream - Code: C7T2F9
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: I. A.I. Abdelhady / O. Salguero / Z. Saunders

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The City as a Dream within a Dream

Venice The city becomes analogous to an organism, a living being, a man even, struggling with his identity and change over time … he must reconcile the old with the new, inevitable change with the desire for stability, moments of love with those of pain, the unforeseen with that which is to come an inevitable conclusion, slowly building up … the line of the city, the line of the water, squaring off … sizing each other up, flirting a little in the process … the two will eventually converge …

[the City as a Dream within a Dream]

Just as Poliphilo entered the woods of uncertainty, so the city of Venice to come must embark on a similar journey …[one of radical change] It is so that for life to continue everything must first be allowed to die gracefully in order to be born anew …

a Glimpse of the Future …

Anti-gravity? Micro-wave architecture? A floating city? … Who knows what the future can hold.

We are reminded that anything is possible, that the old and the new can be reconciled, strengthening each other in the process. ‘Sustainability’ takes on a new meaning as well …

Shown here is a vision of the future, an undeniable one where this convers(at)ion of city and water has been reached, and yet, a beautiful and fantastical new place emerges …

While allowing the city of Venice to be taken by the water, specific buildings are ‘plucked’ out and a slow re-composition of these parts begins as the city grows up and out of the water.

This transition occurs over time until Venice reaches its ultimate climactic state as an [ironically] appropriate and visionary continuation of what was once a great city in the water:  a city which has shed its earthly legs altogether… finding a new home amongst the dream-like bodies of water in the sky …


Title: The City as a Dream within a Dream

Time: 7 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
Views: 2833 Likes: 2

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