Title: Republic of Venices - Code: C8U4R7
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: A. Faoro / M. Galasso / F. Rizzetto

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Republic of Venices




Except of the ” Constitution of the Free Tourism Republic of Venices” , June 6, 2011 Regarding the disposition for the city formerly known as Venice ,Italy (45° 26 15? N,  12° 20 9? E) FREE TOURISM REPUBLIC OF VENICES FONDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES SECTION 1: S.T.Z. (SPECIAL TOURISM ZONE) Art. 1 Venices is a Republic, founded on tourism. It is organized in order to achieve the optimum coexistence of tourist and citizens. This coexistence has to work for the cultural and economic development of both of them.

Art. 2

All the realities that compose the Republic have are considered with same dignity.

Even though they have to recognize the original one as the one and only source of reference,

The whole republic form a unity with case by case own function and utility in the network.

Art. 3

In virtue of the birth of these networks, the communication among the different place has to be facilitated. Both in terms of people –that is the main product of tourism society- and of goods, that keep the tourism offer various and attractive.


The boundaries of this republic are as flexible and fluid as the tourism industry require.

There is no specific requirement for the participation regarding size, function, location and religion.

The only essential disposition to enter in the republic is the acceptation of being part of the tourism network, providing to the system a unique quality in terms of tourism offer.

Art 5

Tourism resources have to be considered a common good among the location participant in the republic.

This makes possible the survival of the network, and its implementations…


Location n_1

Venice – Italy    (45° 26 15? N, 12° 20 9? E)

Art 18

The role of Venice has to be found at two scales.

Preserve the “nostalgia” for the continuous preservation of its Identity and

Offer new experiences and solutions to the conflict between tourists and citizens.

Art 19

“Nostalgia” as the driving engine of Venice.

Venice has to put the maximum efforts on the COMPLETION of the nostalgic idea that characterize Venice as a living museum.

It is needed to go beyond the destructive prejudice that consider the museification of Venice as a Cancer devouring the city, instead use it as a precondition for the development of its economy, facilitating the movement of people and ideas.

The huge relevance of the UNBUILT VENICE in the completion of its ideal image has to be restored, for the maximization and the perfection of the experiences of Venice.

Art 20

The nostalgic completion of Venice, in the form of the completion of its UNBUILT RESOURSES,

will produce new experience of Venice, and the adjustment of its urban fabric will generate a flux of goods – in the form of pieces of architecture, and pieces of original Venice – that according to the treaty stipulated between the Venices, will be displaced in the others, making this blood pact stronger and eternal.

Art 21

Venice as a limit territory between the tourism realms and the city

In this territory, and only here we witness the coexistence of the two realms .

The completion of Venice will give the chance to experiment a new way to address the possible conflict between citizens and tourists.

The new buildings have to be seen as the interface of that struggle, between a city that needs to express its nostalgia, to nurture the tourism industry, and the citizens that are forced to go out.

Art 22

The formalization of the UNBUILT VENICE, will be the fundamental action that make possible rethinking the FUTURE of Venice, giving new references for the start of a new architecture, in a city that is otherwise doomed to be consumed by tourism without been able to use it for its future development…



Title: Republic of Venices

Time: 7 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
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