Title: Glass tube - Code: d9d27
Contest: Rio de Janeiro / 2013
By: saulajus - Dmitrij Gorenko - Simas Stonkus - Agne Pivoriunaite - Kristina Cebataviciute - Kestutis Meliauskas - Lukas Avenas

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Glass tube



Ecology is one of the most important topic in the world. Huge cities faces the problems with nature, pollution and traffic issues. Our vision consists of simplified movement scheme of the city and the glass tube concept. We improved Rio de Janeiro city transport comunication and innovate tourist system without environment damage. The concept is eco-friendly, using only sun batteries or wind power. There are two main functions of the tube: tourism and communication. There are special tubes for the tourists under the water. Connection between favelas and city is another big problem in Rio de Janeiro. Favela is a dangerous place for young generation which is growing without any education and see bad life examples. Screens on the bottom of the glass tube will show various news, insipiring media, beautiful things, fairy-tales, sport events, etc. The twelve line of the people mover is hanging above the city. Movers sheme is abstract and connected with the city plan witch consists different streets and sightseeing places. The lines are marked with different colours and numbers. There are a many possibilities to reach your destination by choosing different paths combinations. Electronic guide with navigation system helps to find any location. System has an audio option so there is a posibility to hear information with headspeakers. The electronic guide has an integrated sensors, which allows to hear information about most famous Rio de Janeiro places, just with a gentle touch of „area“. This device fits into palm or pocket. It looks innovative and stylish at the same time. Four different drawings shows these situations: 1. Skyscrapers 2. Favela 3. Hills 4. Under water First picture describes traffic problem. There are increasing number of cars in the Rio de Janeiro city. The ecological friendly glass tube is a new transport which do not use petrol and helps to avoid car fumes. It‘s an alternative transport for nowadays. Second picture – the glass tube that crosses favelas. It has educational function for young generation which lives in this area. Glass tube is also useful for tourists – they can get knowledge about diffrent kind of life. Third picture – tube can be functionale in reservoir. There will be no harm to the nature because is ecological friendly. Another point of the glass tube is that it can be moved away when it get close to the landscape. Fourth drawing. This kind of line is most mystical and atrractive. It gives an unforgetable opportunity to explore under water life.


Title: Glass tube

Time: 4 agosto 2013
Category: Rio de Janeiro
Views: 3820 Likes: 6

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