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Contest: Venice / 2011
By: H. Y. Chang

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Concept. The main concept of this image describe the water flooding the city.I used the projector to record the tides change in different moment ,then use the video projection on the model, to express the idea of Water flooding. Water is the most important and serious issus in Venice.Shoreline is not just a border located in the boundary, not only links two different space.Shoreline in the Venice,it is an intangible, not a fixed shape, but can feeling that is a movement. On the other hand,I found out roof gardens are change Venice sky-line gradually. As general view, the movement of tides. it s the greatest strength, it was not just the main builder of the city, but also links to the history and present. Traces the history of the building,we can see those evidence around the whole city, There can not stop flooding and eroding.



Proposed three towers with the water-related, respectively.To collect and shortage the water in different ways, and filtered water.There are no details from the designers about the way the tower is going to actually clear the water. However, they mentioned that they look forward to use natural and mechanical technology of filtration, which transforms the contaminated water into a rather usable amenity for locals and visitors. The filtration system will be able to produce clearly water to Irrigate the wetlands and waterways.Due to the fact that the region represents a popular tourist destination, designers want the tower to represent a mix of educational, entertainment and community spaces, providing breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

These three different types of hub are combined with the space.They have different characteristics, and work closely together with the Venice.When flooded, these hub pumping up the excess water ,then filtering the water to provide the communities use.


TypologiesThese typologies as transformers which has a similar function, but located in different places. Base on the local problems to develop and change it form in order to make it more suitable for this city.


Tubular Hub

The purpose of tubular hub is linking the train station of public facilities (Infrastructure)and use Tube shape of filter to filtering water.


Waterwheel Hub

Located in community channel and use the water wall to shortage water.


Sprinkler Hub

Sprinklers can also be used to collect rainwater and to irrigate those floating garden and existing gardens


These different ‘Water hubs” is not only can solve the flooding problem which is the most important in Venice, but create different green landscapes.Use of the most advanced water technology, combined with local facilities and provide new power to update the city

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Title: Venice

Time: 7 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
Views: 2836 Likes: 0

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