Title: The Cloud - Code: S7H3Z9
Contest: NY / 2012
By: A. Rodrigo - A. Cárdenas Ruiz - M. Figueroa Guerra - S. Garcia Escudero - F. Facundo Matías - L. Constanza - C. Osorio Berrospi - M. Pérezy Padilla - F. Vega - C. Vera Vega - C. Vittoria María - M. Zamudio

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The Cloud

Can we think about a future where cities grow, without necessarily changing their buildings? Can we live in a city without actually being there? Can we think about endless cities just as J.L Borges thought about in the book “La biblioteca de Babel”? Would it be the cloud the new replacement of demographic growth into informatic growth? Therefore, would the future be in an unstable condition in constant transformation? The aim of this project is to explore the two different worlds that conform architecture: the virtual one and the physical one. We think that technology does not express itself as in “The Jetsons” series. There are no flying cars or robots in charge of achieving assignments. The “cloud” has changed the way to store information. It is no longer necessary to save information in a physical storage. Instead, information travels with us everywhere without actually occupying space.

This transformation has changed the concept of “space and container”. Physical space is no longer necessary. For example, houses and offices have improved their way to work space and function. Therefore, New York as the city of the cities, should represent the notion of dematerialization of the measure.

The distance that exists between Dean and Deluuca and Storefront, will no longer consist in just a large number of miles, but in the capacity of being able to be in both places at the same time. This is what the “cloud” means to us.

The cloud represents another historical fact in the timeline of the biggest events of New York.

The cloud allows to grow the city virtually without altering its physical structure. New York will continue to be unique, it is as if the city will physically stay in time to avoid losing its authenticity, but the technology will make it so indestructible as it is today. The cloud is its adaptability to changes.

At the same time, it also means the transfer through an intangible membrane, that divides one world from the other, just as what happened to Alice and the mirror, we will also be able to move from a dream to another, or walk through Manhattan as if it was the year 2012, the 2120… through the same streets…. the same buildings… bridges… monuments… only an intangible and invisible cloud will accompany us… this is our vision of the future of New York…



Title: The Cloud

Time: 13 giugno 2012
Category: NY
Views: 3996 Likes: 3

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