Title: Vision: Verde Venezia - Code: B9EH1K
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: A. Clark Helsell

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Vision: Verde Venezia


VISION: VERDE VENEZIA sees Venezia as one of most culturally and historically signicant cities in the world. How can change come to Venezia without compromising its grandeur and layers of culture? This project introduces a new layer to Venezia – a vegetative and productive layer. The Grand Canal acts as a spine that runs through Venezia, holding her together. At 3,800 meters long, and 30–90 meters wide, it is the most signicant water-trac corridor in the city.


VISION: VERDE VENEZIA introduces another spine to the city of Venezia – an aorestation spine that mirrors

the Grand Canals s-curved form, and traverses through the city creating another pathway through

the Queen of the Adriatic. The aorestation passage emphasizes economic growth, carbon sequestration,

urban farming and agriculture, as well as adds a layer of production that will go hand in hand with the

markets that feed both the citizens and tourists.

In this project aorestation is implemented to improve the quality of human life by soaking up pollution and

dust from the air, rebuild natural habitats and ecosystems, mitigate global warming since forests facilitate

biosequestration of atmospheric carbon dioxide, and

harvest for resources. Methods such as buer strips, agroforestry, tube stocks, seawater greenhouses, revegetation and restoration ecology will be pieces of the greater aorestation network

throughout Venezia.


The overall goal is to introduce aorestation to the already dense urban network of Venezia. To give it another

spine, one that does not rival the Grand Canal but one that enhances it, its health and its character.





Title: Vision: Verde Venezia

Time: 7 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
Views: 2413 Likes: 0

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