Title: Parachute – NOM - Code: P9L3S8
Contest: PFFF / 2012
By: PFFF SPECIAL MENTION // F. Lowe, A. Low, M. Pau, H. Kang

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Parachute – NOM


Parachute-NOM is a temporary structure with a truly unique approach to inflatable architecture. It gives its users the rare opportunity to create their own architecture. When inflating the structure, instead of using a standard air blower, you are encouraged to inflate it with your guests. One flap and its up!

Inside you’re in a whole different world. In its purest form, a completely white environment will surround you. From here, you can alter the shape as you please, depending on your needs. By moving the sandbag air seal users are able to manipulate the shape of the parachute and can create their own intimate spaces – and as the floor space changes, so will the height!

The parachute retains the air inside of it by the sandbag air seal (that keeps the edge on the ground) and the nylon fabric used to construct it. The parachute has been previously tested and is able to be inflated infinite times. If lighting is used in the centre, the parachute glows from the outside and projects a flat colour around the whole interior. Alternatively, a projector can be used in the centre for lecture slides/notes while white interior backdrop acts as a perfect screen.

Additional custom made beanbags/cushions have also been designed to give the users the opportunity to relax and enjoy the space they have just created. The flooring is made from a white tarpaulin that can be easily cleaned. It protects the parachute and the beanbags from rough ground surfaces. It can withstand an outdoor environment – all you need to do is move the sandbags to fit your spatial requirements! Alternatively, why not inflate within another building such as a university hall or office space? ??The material used to construct the parachute is similar to what is used on parkas and raincoats and is therefore water resistant and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. As previously mentioned the parachute has been tested on a large scale and the seams have been designed to withstand the flapping motion to inflate the parachute. The seams of all the sewn components (parachute, sandbags, beanbags) are triple stitched. In order to achieve a seamless effect on both sides of the parachute, a French seam is used to stitch the separate panels together.

Depending on the number of people entering and leaving the parachute, it can stay inflated for up to half an hour. An additional powered air source can be used to keep the parachute up permanently but that takes away the fun of re-inflating it! If you need a breath of fresh air in the parachute, simply lift up part of the side and flap more air in.

So why not give your presentations a new edge with Parachute-NOM? The parachute is a great and fun way to promote creativity and interaction with your colleagues or students. Inspire them within a white wonderland that is never the same twice. Time for an intermission, or short break? How about deflating the parachute and re-inflating it to commence the second half!?Whatever the use, we can assure you that Parachute-NOM will never cease to amuse those of all ages.

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Title: Parachute – NOM

Time: 25 gennaio 2012
Category: PFFF
Views: 6065 Likes: 1

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