Title: NY CITY of Ego Architecture - Code: S1G4P7
Contest: NY / 2012
By: S. Prokof'yev - O. Prokof'yeva

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NY CITY of Ego Architecture

In 20th century New York was the head-liner of modern art. But the dynamics of time has constantly improved the city layout. “Skyscraper” This is the name of buildings where people used to live in the era of World wars — they resembled extremely high rocks, dotted by bright seeds of windows. The view was magnetizing and scary. The constructions from such concrete rocks were aging much faster than traditional flat towns. Skyscrapers’ assemblages literally have turned from the symbol of future to a duck past memory during several decades. Dynamically variable space should substitute a static city. This New York would immediately react for new tendencies of city life, accept new shapes and go beyond the time to some extent. Only the city of such kind can break through the future with no age. In future that monumental and static architecture would be replaced by a self-conscious one, which can see and analyze existing situation and the history, and take decisions as well. Initially it would be represented by as a primary form. Contingently we named it as «Malevich’s Black Square», which, after a certain self-identification, can analyze the things it has seen, compare it with an accumulated experience and accept a new shape and function for buildings.

We tried to foresee the kind of future interactive ego-architecture, possessing artificial self-consciousness. At present there is a popular saying: “No to ego-architecture, yes to eco-architecture”. But to our opinion this view is erroneous, because eco-architecture comprises only a part of form and function, which can be accepted by ego-architecture.

Ego-architecture is an image of human identity which is acknowledged as “Me” and stays in contact with surrounding world by means of perception. “Me” is responsible for planning, evaluation, memorization and all available ways reacts for the impact of physical and social surrounding.

The scheme of consciousness.

Eye-lens warms under the influence of descending informational stream from present and transmits the heat to an inner grate. Under the influence of heat the grate produces informational gas, which penetrates to the spiral of information stock. The spiral is storage of all architectural experience, accumulated for all the history of mankind. A sort of library from the past. Passing by spiral, the information seen at present is enriched and integrated with past experience. As a result of a merger of accumulated present and experienced past at the end of the spiral ego-architecture gets an impression of futuristic bubbles.

To cut a long story short, the present is nourished by past and the future feeling emerges. As a result of this process Malevich’s Black Square (a primary form of future building) starts changing and gets unpredictable new form and constructional function.

Let’s draw an example: the fetus of future construction looks at the skyscrapers of the past and realizes that this space has already inevitably aged, compares the seen with past experience and embodies a new unpredictable architecture of the future, filling up New York.

Then there is a question – why the architects are needed? To our opinion the architects of the future will transit to a new creative level. A free competition of humans with artificial intellect will elevate the quality of new architecture.

New buildings which are to fill up New York could backstroke Godzilla or King Kong and wouldn’t let huge apes to climb upon them.



Title: NY CITY of Ego Architecture

Time: 13 giugno 2012
Category: NY
Views: 2679 Likes: 1

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