Title: The map old channel_new connections - Code: U6T3E2
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: J. Rzysko

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The map old channel_new connections


Venice City Vision net_rest bridges Idea The aim of the project is to change the way of using the channels in Venice. So far they were used for gondola rides. They were inaccessible for many people. Imagine that you can walk on the water, that there is an alternative way of sightseeing Venice then gondola rides. This alternative is offered by the project.

The idea is based on the web of nets hanging over the channels. Almost invisible structure would create alternative system of communication. Project is created for pedestrians and opens Venice for them. Walking on the net would give you a feeling of freedom and additional adventure and more choice of tourist attractions.

Bridges are designed in the way that they do not affect the old city structure.

They create new paths and areas which would not be discovered without them.

Net bridges would not cover every channel in Venice but only some of them where they would create the most attractive opportunities for tourists creating playgrounds for both adults and children.


• Bridge comprises existing pillars, buoys and the net used on catamarans decks.

• Some buoys have light inside making them visible at night.

• The pillars the bridge is build on are higher in some places which creates difference in levels. Result is that some parts of the bridge can be both a playground area and the sightseeing points.

• The net bridge is a flexible structure which means that it adapts to the current level of water. Structure of the bridge is based on steel ropes which are connected to buoys. When the water level rises buoys follow the movement of water level and pull ropes which makes the net stretched. This allows boats go below the bridge even if the level of water is high.

• The surface is shaped to provide fine connection between the channel banks. The holes in the net are smaller and net becomes stiffer on fast walking paths while holes can be bigger at the relax areas.

• Net bridges are created for pedestrians. They enable them to discover the old town from the new perspective . The bridge is designed as if it was a hammock. It refers to the legacy of Venetian gondola rides and to the Italian way of life.



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Title: The map old channel_new connections

Time: 6 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
Views: 2961 Likes: 0

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